Basement Ink. + Screen Ink. = Yeah buddy!


Its official. Basement Ink and Screen Ink have joined forces to put quality shirts on every man, woman, and child in Lincoln and…dare I say…THE WORLD (or at least the surrounding area).

Jason Davis (owner of has been in the screen printing business in Lincoln for over 16 years.  He is a master of the craft and has provided shirts and other printed goods for schools, businesses, churches, running events, breweries, cyclists…and the list goes on.

Two months ago he approached me with a crazy idea:  Why not join forces for the greater good?  I worked for Jason years ago just as I was starting my own business, and not only did I learn a wealth of knowledge, but I also got to experience his integrity and his support for our Lincoln community.

I’ve loved owning my own business, but after we adopted our 4 kids, it became more difficult to give myself over to the demands of e-mails, printing, taxes, phone calls, etc. when what I really desired was to simply be “present” for my wife and kids.  At the end of the day I go home, and my mind feels less cluttered than its been in a long time.

A note to my dedicated customers:  Right now, nothing really changes except for who you write your checks to and where you pick up your shirts.  I am working up front at Screen Ink (1827 O St) full-time creating artwork and working one-on-one with customers.  I’m excited to be at a shop with a great team that offers not only printing, but embroidery and vinyl too.

Stop in anytime and I’ll show you around.






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