Basement Ink has left the basement….Thank you…Thank you very much

On November 1st, I was handed the keys to the new home of Basement Ink, as well as Renee’s Photography Studio Love Equals.  The very next day, we moved in to our home the two siblings of our adopted daughters….So in a little over a year-and-a-half we went from having a lot of empty rooms, to a packed house.  The theme of the last few weeks has been “Radical Transition”.  If you’ve had a hard time getting a hold of me, I’m sorry, however Basement Ink is now up and running.  Many of you may recognize this little shop as one of the Bike Peddlers shops of past.  Our new address is 1353 S 33rd, just a bit north of 33rd and “A” if you are from Lincoln.There are plenty of dreams we have for this new space, and can’t wait until we have them prepared for you so we can have our very own “Grand Opening.”  

I’ll keep you posted when its time to celebrate.  I envision a night of printing and drinking some delicious home-brew.  All will be welcome.



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