Now printing for BRIGHTWORK Band



Hailing from Charlottesville, VA, Brightwork booked their first show in May of ’09 before having a band practice. With the pressure on, the fledgling group of college friends logged a series of marathon practices holed up in stuffy basements and fly-ridden trailers. By the end of a long and rewarding summer of writing and performing, members Caleb Carpenter (vocals, guitar), Brian Hrubik (keys, guitar, vocals), Andrew Boyd (drums), and Seth Hayes (bass) discovered that their direction had evolved from a project into a calling. Since then, they have shared the stage with several national touring acts including Sanctus Real, Future of Forestry, Starfield, and Revive.

Through recording their debut EP in the spring of ’10 with producer Scott Campbell (Mainstay), Brightwork has forged their own sound amidst a sea of musical influences. The blended textures of overdriven crunch and warm piano melodies place Brightwork in a category of their own.

Much of the creative thrust behind their lyrics center on the concept of dialogue. Brian remarks, “Songs are conversations, either between us and God, with each other, or with ourselves. We invite our listeners to engage in this dialogue with us.”

In June of ’11, Brightwork headed to Coda Record House in Lincoln, NE to record their sophomore release with producers Riley Friesen (Vota, Staggerford) and Philip Zach (Remedy Drive). They emerged armed with a fresh and refined repertoire including tracks such as “Hope Unchanging,” a worship-driven anthem woven together with soaring melodies and punchy rhythms to form a rich and cohesive musical fabric.

“Our mission is to integrate our desires to write and perform with a higher desire to serve Jesus and make him known,” Caleb states. “To us, music is just the means we’ve been given to genuinely connect with people and share what really matters.”


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