A Tee for I-n-d-i-b-e-e

Lincoln feels like a small town to me, even though I grew up in a what could be considered a village of less than 1000.  It feels small because as I’m in Kinkos printing off bee artwork for the Indibee t-shirt, I have a conversation with one of my neighbors who happens to be picking up some literature for the church he pastors, and I strike up a converstation with a woman who was entering her Grandchild in the Indibee itself.  Indigo Bridge has made itself a home in the Haymarket, and because it is there, that little corner bookstore brings a magical cross-cultural life to our town.  I love everything they do, and they do it because they care about me, my family, and our community.  Leave the laptop at home, and go lose yourself there in a good book and a great cup of coffee.  Here’s to Indigo Bridge and their first ever community wide spelling bee.  Also, major props to Eleanor Creative for their t-shirt and logo design, as well as all the work they’ve done to make this happen.

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