T-shirt Design Competition at Bread&Cup

Recently Renee and I have been semi-obsessed with the band Mumford and Sons.  When we started listening to their “folk-rock/bluegrass/hint of Gaelic” tunes, not many people were buzzing about them.  For some reason, I treasure bands such as these.  Bands that don’t have masses of people waiting to pay painful amounts of money for overpriced arena shows.  We were in Little Lion Bliss until….Renee heard one of their songs on 98.5.  We knew the magic was gone, and chances are, this band will be launched into a different type of preforming, touring, and subsequently songwriting.  We know there is no chance now to find them hammering out their songs in a no-name bar in Chicago in front of 40 or so people sitting on barstools.  They are no longer ours, but the mainstream media’s puppet.  Pray for them.

Tucked away in the corner of Lincoln’s Haymarket is our favorite restaurant Bread&Cup.  It’s one of those establishments that you almost hesitate telling others about because you’re worried that if too many people find out, it will lose its warmth and coziness.  It is our Mumford and Sons of eateries and drinkeries.  However, I know Kevin.  Never have I met someone with such intentionality in how he runs his restaurant and designs his menu.  The menu is ever changing to match whatever is the freshest in local vegetables and meat, and every bite down to the final crumb and morsel has a named home.  I know that if suddenly scores of people stood in lines and more space needed to be added with more waiters and chefs and plates and spoons…etc etc., it would still be Bread&Cup.  Even if 98.5 sent down their crew and and shot t-shirts out of guns, try as they might, they couldn’t mar the beauty of what Bread&Cup is and will continue to be in my opinion.

Its our kind of place, and believe me, we don’t keep it a secret.  In fact, when places to eat come up in conversation whether here, or abroad, our first place to brag about is Bread&Cup.  Its the first stop when we have visitors from out of town, and our last stop on a Friday evening after an artwalk.

So, of course I’m excited to be printing shirts for their first annual t-shirt competition.

Check out more at http://www.breadandcup.com/

For the actual flier posted at bread& cup, click here:  Bread&Cup T-shirt Design Competition Flyer


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