Printing for Africa

Shirts made in Africa and screen printed here in the states.  I have the honor to help out Dusty Reynolds who started as a screen printer here in Nebraska and now is living in Africa making shirts alongside of Africans.  A guy after my own heart.  I started printing with my heart set on helping Haitians.   Who knows, maybe there will be a working model that could be tailored to help Haiti someday?

Sababu (sah-bah-boo) Conscious Clothing is dedicated to meeting the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of families in the West African country of Mali . Through your purchases of Sababu shirts, you give the people of Mali a voice. Together We Develop Life (twedel) is our challenge to you. Through your collective purchases, Sababu uses the proceeds to provide sustainable employment, literacy courses, annual physicals and consultations for employees and their families. Sababu is fostering healthy lifestyles that enable the people of Mali to become who they’re meant to be.
With every shirt that you purchase from Sababu, you are creating a more abundant life for someone you don’t even know. Every Sababu shirt has a unique “twedel” code in the label. Twedel is our acronym for “Together We Develop Life” and it is the main reason that Sababu exists. When you enter your shirt’s twedel code online, you can see how your purchase made a difference, how you gave a voice to people who needed one.

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