Back to life…

Yesterday I had coffee in the morning with Renee and then had a great day.  I felt joyful and energized.  After a uneventful (which means I didn’t get a chair thrown at me) day at my school, I screen printed an order for musician Nate Drege.  I worked on my Haiti slideshow.  I guess you could say life was back to normal.  To be honest though…I think I actually hoped for the feeling of normality to wait a bit longer.  I’m afraid of what the “normal life” can mean for me.  Its too easy to forget.    The pictures take me back.  This one is my favorite of the whole trip.


One thought on “Back to life…

  1. Awesome picture!

    It’s funny: I read many of the posts Mike put on his blog while you were in Haiti. I’ve been poring over the pics from Renee and Gene and others on the trip. Still, I can’t imagine what your experience must have been like. There’s no way I can wholly understand it. I hope someday to experience it myself.

    Until then, I’m looking forward to hearing your stories, and I’ll do my best to help you remember.

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