Back from Haiti

I don’t know what to do with myself when I get back from Haiti. Mostly, I’m just sad for awhile. Then hopeful for a bit. Then sad. Its good to reflect and somehow try to process, but after, I need to do something…anything. I’m learning for that for me, these are the times when creating helps me sort through the mess of thoughts and emotions that keep me awake, even when I’m exhausted.

One of the last things I heard a college student (who was one of several translators that worked with us at our med clinics) say to me before we left was, “Ayiti pap peri.” I asked him what it meant and he said, “Haiti will never die.” Thanks Anthony Charles, I will never forget your words and the way you served us in Haiti. This poster and eventual t-shirt is dedicated to the young men whose universities, friends, and families fell in the earthquake but still wake each morning with the hope that they will find a way to change Haiti for generations to come.


7 thoughts on “Back from Haiti

  1. Dude, I love the design and even more the choice to use what you’re processing in a healthy way. Re-integration is always a challenge. Thanks for sharing and showing a bit of the process for you. Can’t wait to talk to you face to face.

  2. Beautiful design. While I’m way behind on Mike’s blog, I was so grateful to read of your group’s experiences and see photos on Facebook. I felt more involved–and reminded to pray–than ever.

    • I’m going to work on a clothing line along this theme probably this summer. Keep track of the blog to find out more.

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